Supervisory Board

Tõnu Laak, Chairman of Supervisory Board of Cresco
Mr Laak is a member of the Management Board of investment and holding company Fablio. Mr Laak is one of the founders of Hansabank, the largest banking group in the Baltic States (currently Swedbank). He has held executive positions in ferry line Estline, Refit/Europcar, and Salva Insurance. Mr Laak is founder and life-time member of the Estonian Olympic Committee. He was delegate of the People’s Congress of the USSR (1988–1991). Mr Laak holds Diploma in Finance from Tartu University (1974) and degree in International Affairs from Academy of Social Sciences in Moscow (1983).

Rein Müllerson, Professor, Member of Supervisory Board of Cresco
Prof. Müllerson is the president of the Institut de Droit International (Geneva) from 2013, he became a life-time member of the Institut de Droit International in 1995. He is also a Research Professor at Tallinn University. He was the President of Tallinn University Law Academy in 2010-2014 and rector of University Nord in 2009-2010. In 1994-2009 Prof. Müllerson chaired International Law at King’s College of London University where he was also the Director of the MA Programme on International Peace & Security. During 2004-2005 Rein Müllerson was the United Nations Regional Advisor for Central Asia. In 1991-92 Prof. Müllerson was First Deputy Foreign Minister of Estonia and in 1988-92 a member of the UN Human Rights Committee. In 2007 he was acknowledged as Marco Polo Fellow by Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. Prof. Müllerson is the author of eleven books and more than 200 articles and reviews on international law and politics. His latest books are Human Rights Diplomacy (Routledge, 1997), Ordering Anarchy: International Law in International Society (Kluwer Law International, 2000), Central Asia: Chessboard and Player in the New Great Game (Colombia University Press and Kegan Paul, 2007), and Democracy – A Destiny for Humankind? (Nova Publishers, 2009). Prof. Müllerson gained cum laude Diploma in Law from Moscow State University in 1976.

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